Standing Seam Metal Roofs for Residential Homes

standing-seam-metal-roof-on-a-salt-box-house If you are looking for a roof that can give your home an exquisite, modern look coupled with superb durability and longevity, a standing seam metal roof is the perfect system to meet your needs. Standing seam roofs are quickly gaining in popularity among discerning homeowners who want to invest into an environmentally-friendly, premium quality roofing system that offers a true peace of mind for many decades to come.

What is it all about?

A standing seam roof is a metal roofing system, where continuous interlocking panels run from the ridge of the roof all the way down to the eaves. The upturned edge of one metal panel that connects it to adjacent panels creates distinctive vertical lines and a trendy, modern look. Most of residential standing seam metal roofing systems are designed as watershed systems, requiring a minimum roof slope of 3:12 (14 degrees) or greater.

Green Standing Seam Roof

Residential standing seam panels are generally 12 to 19 inches wide. They are typically made out of painted galvanized steel/G-90 Steel, galvalume steel (offers greater protection from corrosion than galvanized steel), or painted aluminum. It is also possible to order panels made out of copper, or zinc, but these premium metals are more expensive, and are not a typical material choice for most homeowners.

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Residential Metal Roofing Prices

Green Standing Seam Roof Metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular with many savvy homeowners, and it is not hard to see why; compared to more traditional approaches, metal roofing offers many advantages including a very long lifespan, low maintenance, excellent durability, along with superb solar reflectance (help to reduce your cooling costs by reflecting solar radiant heat) and thermal emissivity (helps your roof to cool off quickly after the sunset. – This is not at all the case with an asphalt shingle roof, which takes many more hours to cool off during the night in the summer.) properties that help lower your energy bills, and more.


It is a well known fact that metal roofs have always been somewhat expensive compared to the far more widespread composition (asphalt) shingle roofs. – This is mostly due to a much higher base cost of metal roofing materials and installation, and partly due to a simple supply and demand. As more homeowners start viewing metal roofing as a viable alternative to asphalt shingles, it is common and appropriate to ask how much it might cost.


The answer can be anywhere from $1.50 per square foot, plus installation for a low-end G-60 (galvanized 29 gauge steel) corrugated steel roofing (with exposed fasteners) finished with a lower-grade (cheaper) acrylic paint, to about $5.00 per square foot, plus installation cost for a high-end aluminum standing seam metal roof with concealed fasteners and lifetime warranty.

corrugated metal roof on a ranch house

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How to Install a Metal Shingles Roof

If you are the type of homeowner who wants to embark on an installation of a new roof, a metal shingles roofing system will be the easiest to install.


Most metal shingle systems feature a four-way interlocking design, and the panels are usually small enough to be easily installed without using any complicated tools.

Roof Deck Preparation Deck Prep:

The first step is the preparation of the roof deck. In a new construction, metal shingle roofing can be installed over any type of solid sheeting such as plywood or wooden planks / boards that do not have spaces in between them. Alternatively, a metal shingles roof can be installed over asphalt shingles, if you do not want to tear it off, and there is only one layer of existing asphalt shingles on your roof.

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Top 70 Metal Roofing Facts, FAQs & Pros and Cons – Consumer Guide 2014-2015

It’s Spring time again, and with the Winter finally behind us it’s time to check up on your winter-battered roof and perhaps start thinking about a new roof!

Rustic House with a Metal Roof

Image Inspiration Source: Birdseye Design

Spring is also a good time to ask yourself some important questions about your home’s and your roof’s readiness for the upcoming year; Is your home ready for the upcoming Summer, Fall, and Winter? Will your roof hold up to all the heavy snow that will soon start falling and accumulating on your roof next Winter? Have you had any serious trouble with ice dams on your roof last winter? – All of these are good questions to ask yourself, while there is still time to repair or replace that aging roof to make sure that your home is adequately protected for the upcoming winter season.

I do not know about you, but if you ask me, I would tell you that a metal roof is a great way to protect your home if you happen to live in the region that receives a lot of snowfall. – Just ask any resident of Northern New Hampshire, Maine, or Vermont, and they will readily attest to this! 😉

With that being said, If you are still considering installing a new metal roof on your home or commercial property this Fall, here are the top 70, most essential metal roofing facts, with FAQs and pros and cons to consider in your buying and decision making process.

In order to help you navigate this long list, we broke it down into the following categories:

Materials Pros & Cons Standing Seam Metal Roof Galvalume Color
Cost of Materials
Cost of Installation
Colors & Styles
Weather Protection
Energy Efficiency
Environmental Impact
10 Bonus Facts

Materials Pros & Cons:

standing-seam 1. Metal roofs can be made from a variety of metals and alloys including Galvanized steel (hot zinc galvanized G-90, or zinc and aluminum G-60 steel), Galvalume steel (A more expensive and longer lasting coating compared to G-90 steel.), stone-coated steel (G-90 galvanized steel), aluminum, copper, zinc, terne (zinc-tin alloy), and stainless steel.

2. The downside of galvanized steel is that it can corrode, eventually, especially when exposed to moist salt spray environment.

3. Steel is the most frequently used material in both residential and commercial applications, mainly due to its lower cost.

4. Aluminum is the second most popular material. It is more durable and longer lasting than steel, but only costs a fraction of the price of premium metals, such as copper or zinc.

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Solar PV Metal Roofing Guide for Homeowners

Not all solar power systems are created equal…

Some are more equal than others! 😉


An ever-increasing number of environmentally conscious and high-energy-cost sensitive homeowners and business people consider installing a PV solar power system in order to harness solar energy and generate electricity for their homes, or commercial buildings. For years, the traditional approach was based on installing heavy crystalline solar panels on top of an asphalt shingle roof, an oil based roofing system with a relatively short lifespan.

This approach has worked for a while, however, roof penetrations, needed for the installation of a solar panel mounting system, made to an asphalt shingle roof, increase the likelihood of premature roof leaks down the road, and further shorten the already-too-short lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof.


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Fabral Metal Roofing at Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores

fabral metal roofing logo Contractors and Homeowners rejoice! You can now buy a wide variety of residential metal roofing profiles from Fabral, a reputable manufacturer with long standing tradition for excellence in metal roofing, at your local Lowe’s Home Improvement store! This is really, quite unprecedented in terms of being able to buy quality residential metal roofing panels and trim at your local home improvement store. – Without a doubt, this is a great opportunity for many thirsty do it yourself enthusiasts and contractors who want to get into metal roofing, and already have well established relationships with people at Lowe’s. :)

As an Army veteran, I like the idea of buying from Lowe’s because they offer a generous 10% discount to vets.

Fabral Horizon S Residential Standing Seam Fabral is an exciting company specializing in manufacturing a wide variety of residential and commercial metal roofing profiles including standing seam (concealed fasteners), R panels (exposed fasteners), corrugated metal roofing (exposed fasteners) and metal wall panels. You can pick from a wide selection of residential metal roofing styles with architectural design features. Fabral in partnership with Lowe’s currently offers systems available in 29, 26, 24 gauge steel. if live near a salt spray environment such as coastal shore line, and would like to go with aluminum, instead, then order your panels directly from Fabral by vising their website. – They carry standing seam metal roofing panels available in .032″ and .040″ Aluminum.

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How to Pick the Right Metal Roof Color: Consumer Guide

Choosing a color for your new metal roof is an exciting process, especially today, when you have more options available to you than ever before. It is important not to get lost in this sea of choices and keep in mind that the color you choose will greatly affect the overall look and feel of your home. Therefore, take your time and research a variety of color options, as well as consider a number of practical and aesthetic factors that are associated with various colors.

metal roof colors

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind to help you successfully navigate all your metal roof color options, and pick the one that will be the best fit for your home:

Quality of paint

It is crucial to select a high quality paint for your metal roof that will stand up to the elements, while looking fresh and new for years to come. Make sure to choose a paint that has been treated with a special acrylic resin that blocks ultraviolet light. It will help prevent premature fading, peeling, corrosion, rust and water infiltration. It is also possible to apply different types of coatings and sealants as an additional protective layer, which will make the paint last longer, and will protect the metal from sun rays, moisture and mildew. The current industry standard is “Kynar 500″ paint finish that comes with a 30 year warranty.

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Captivating Beauty of a Copper Roof: Consumer Guide

aged-copper-standing-seam-roof If you are looking for a roof that will combine exceptional style with unsurpassed quality, durability and longevity, then look no further than a copper roof. Copper is a premium roofing material that has been used on roofs for centuries both in Europe and in the US. In recent years, copper roofs have grown in popularity among discerning home owners who are looking for a permanent roofing solution that will increase the curb appeal and real estate value of their homes. While a copper roof is a premium roofing solution, that will initially cost you more than other roofing materials, the numerous advantages of copper could actually provide the highest return on your investment in the long run.

Elegant Looks

No other roofing material can best the elegant, captivating look of natural copper. A copper roof is the only roof with real character: as copper ages and is subject to the elements, it continually takes on new shades of color that enhance the look of a house for many decades to come. The initial color of copper is a distinct bright orange-brown, and over the years it progresses through numerous hues of brown and gray, eventually developing a striking blue-green or blue-grey patina.

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Reimagining Tin Roofing Guide for Homeowners

A notion that installing a “tin” roof over your house may seem old fashioned, or be somehow associated with the unattractive tin roofs on industrial warehouses, could not be further from the truth when it comes to modern metal roofing. Tin metal roofs are one of the oldest, most reputable roofing systems in the world, boasting numerous advantages that are as desirable today as they were centuries ago! In fact, modern tin (metal) roofing systems offer highly sophisticated and beautiful design options, superior strength, protection, and energy efficiency. For anyone looking to make a lifelong investment in their home, and get the most value for their money, a metal roof is an obvious choice.

Brief History of Tin Roofs

While today, metal roofs are often referred to as “tin roofs”, the reality is that no roofing product has ever been made of pure tin. In Europe metal roofs have been around for centuries, originating in ancient Rome, and were made out of copper, lead, and zinc. Metal roofing material was produced by heating and hand hammering the metal to a thin sheet. In the 17th century, tin was first used in Bohemia as a coating for rolled steel to prevent rust.

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Metal Roofing Shingles Pros and Cons

Tamko Metalworks - metal shingles roof on a ranch

Tamko Metalworks – metal shingles roof on a ranch

If you are a homeowner interested in installing a new metal roof on your home, but you don’t want it to end up looking like your home is some sort of a barn, then you should consider installing an architectural metal shingles roof that can provide the same superior performance as other premium types of residential metal roofing. A metal shingles roof offer a unique look of conventional roofing materials and systems including slate, cedar shingles, tiles, and more. Additionally, a metal shingles roof will often cost less then a comparable quality, architectural standing seam metal roof, while providing the same level of roof protection and longevity.

If you own a classic colonial type home or a brick house, then a metal shingles roof is definitely the way to go, especially if you want to preserve that authentic look, yet, have all the benefits of a metal roof.


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